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April 30,2024


No watermark

Suppose you are a professional videographer making reels and videos or a personal videography enthusiast. In that case, CapCut is the best app that will help you to edit, enhance, and erase with some advanced tools. It will format and digitally restructure content, which will amaze you.

Bytedance Pte.Ltd developed CapCUT on 10th April 2010, This is a Chinese app formerly, it was operated only in China. It is also known as Viamaker. TikTok app is the second app introduced by the same developer. Most videos edited on CapCut are uploaded on TikTok.

 CapCut mod APK offers premium features with all unlocked and no watermark, which is free of cost for users. This app is launched with mind-blowing abilities of pasting stickers, adding text, removing background, adding filters, and much more. This app is perfect for an inexperienced person.

What is Capcut mod APK/Capcut premium APK?

CapCut mod APK is a unique editing app that is free of cost with extraordinary editing attributes. All unlocked elements can be utilized in the editing process and the video is uploaded on social media. Capcut mod APK is widely used to edit personal digital content as well as professional content. edited content with the help of a CapCut premium APK can be uploaded without a watermark of the app.

Usually editing apps offer very less features free of cost to users. many features are locked and paid. The best part of the modified version is all attributes, effects, and templates are open for users.

Difference between CapCut APK & CapCut mod APK:

The CapCut unlocked APK is created to optimize and remake video content with the help of editing tools presented by Bytedance Pte. Ltd. Some features are paid for by users and can not be accessed.

On the other hand, CapCut mod APK offers full access to all restricted features of the app and can also remove the watermark of the app name after editing. Millions of users can easily handle editing professionally and privately with the help of CapCut cracked APK.

CapCut mod APK can only work on Android phones. This app can be operated on computers with the help of emulators.

IPhones, MAC, IPADS, and IPOD TOUCH are not compatible.

Steps for installing the CapCut pro APK file:

In Android, follow these steps to install.

  • Go to settings of your device >security >enable other sources to install other than Google Play Store.
  • After enabling, your device is ready to install from another trusted source, “DOWNLOAD PRO APK FILE.”
  • In your downloads folder, check the mod APK file and click for installation.
  • Then confirm installing the app.
  • Certain instructions will pop up to accept, and want permission to go further, click “ACCEPT.”
  • The installation process will be started, and it will be visible on the device screen,
  • OPEN” the app when the installation process is completed.

This app is successfully installed and ready for the users to work on it.

Capcut mod APK/Capcut pro-APK download

The CapCut Modified versions are downloaded as follows.

For Android: 

The version of CapCut mod APK can work on the Android operating system.

Downloading on Android:

The Android operating system is directly downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Setting>security>enable download from other sources.  

Phones with having Android operating system are suitable

For PCs & laptops:

The CapCut hack APK files can work on personal computers and laptops.

Downloading on PCs & laptops:

Downloading on computers and laptops could be done with the help of emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox player, Stella, dolphin, and PPSSPP. 

Downloading on MAC, IOS, IPAD:

CapCut mod APK apps are prohibited on the IOS operating system.

Background changing colors in CapCut:

Color of the background of editing content could be changed with the help of the CapCut mod APK. This is the best editing app to enhance content like professional look.









Effects of CapCut mod APK:

These are some commonly used effects. Many effects are not mentioned here. These effects are amazing and very effective to transform content.

  • Cinematic filter
  • Beat filter
  • Pinch
  • Glitch
  • Solomo
  • image change filter
  • 3D
  • Blurr
  • shadow effect
  • Contrast color
  • Bulge
  • Swiril
  • Retouch
  • Dolce
  • Natty
  • Clear
  • animasi
  • Snap transition
  • Hand transitions
  • Effects
  • Camera effects
  • Stone transitions

Required Specification for CapCut mod APK:

QR codes templates in CapCut mod APK:

Social QR code

Gere seu r code

QR code trend

Pague com pix

Pague com pix2

QR traffic hack

QR code!!

Code QR nomor

QR traffic hack:

QR traffic hack means, any user can make this code with all his/her links of social profiles and can share to anyone. QR code reader can easily read all data of particular person or organization through QR traffic hack. This QR code can be read by cell pones or QR reader machines. This is very smart way, people can reach out to your complete data.

QR codes in CapCut mod APK:

CapCut mod APK has introduced static and dynamic feature or QR code generator. Now you can geneate QR code of your template ,which is static as well as dynamic. This QR code jenerator is totally free of cost.

Qr codes various styles:

QR code for various templates is another best addition in CapCut editing tool. Now you can generate QR code of every template and can be shared with anyone. QR code can be read with any cell phone camera or Qr code reader.

QR code IOS,Android,Windows Compatibility:

QR code is free available on IOS, Android, Windows. QR code is free available on any operating sytem. The CapCut mobile app can also instantly generate QR code of any template used. Anyone can generate QR code of personal as well as professional users.

Amazing QR code tutorial:

Photo editing in CapCut mod APK:

Photo editing in CapCut mod APK can be done with latest features and effects. For example if you want to edit a photo and want to write a caption on photo. The autocation or manual editing can be done .

STEP 1: First of all choose a photo from camera roll or photo library.

Step 2: Select templates, fonts, styles, formats and effects. Choose the trending fonts with effects to apply on photo.

Step 3: After choosing your favurite fonts apply the font on picture and check the results. Fonts placement you can do manulally and you picture is enhancedby editing.

Step 4: After choosing text of your choice apply it and transffer the final results to destination you want. The Capcut app is best editing tool to get instant results.

Video & photo editing kit:

Bytedance Pte.Ltd has recently introduced a kit of two photo editing apps.

Both apps serve the same purpose.

 Include two apps in this bundle.

-hypoxic-photo editor & AI art.:

Serves the purpose of remaking, editing, enhancing, and modifying photo content. AI art is its special characteristic.

-Capcut-video editor:

Editing photos and videos with numerous effects, texts, fonts, and templates.

Versatile video and photo editing professional-level app, to enhance, modify, customize, and add effects, frames, restructures,  adding texts, captions, stickers, and numerous AI effects. This app works on Android, iOS, MAC, and personal computers. It comes with a watermark and some features unlocked (to be paid).

Need of Capcut premium/Mod APK:

Capcut mod APK also known as CapCut premium APK, to become a pro video editor. Users are facilitated to enjoy all premium features, which are mostly not free in the app. Given below are some main factors why there was a need for a CapCut unlocked version.

Accessibility of user

One of the popular emerging trends is the usage of editing apps, which arose a need for better customization of digital content, which was fulfilled by the introduction of mod APKs. To save daily memories in the form of videos and photographs, every person has had cell phone with a high HD camera that catches every moment with the camera’s eye.

These editing apps are a blessing for everyone eager to upload and publish their data on social media and who wants to stand out among their peers.

Regular users know how about this app, like what is unlocked, what is free features what is paid. They always wish to have access to all the data that is not in reach and is paid, so modified versions have solved all their queries and got their reach to all features of the app.


With the help of this app, users can customize videos from scratch, remaking the video or picture and trying every effect of the feature. Can remake, resize, collage, combine extracted videos from social media, and join all in one video.

Customization of digital content

The second main quality of modified versions is the customization of data according to the will and wishes of users. For example, a user of this app can change the structure of a face by making funny faces, making innocent faces, time frames, changing pics as how to look now and at the age of 50 years writing texts, captions, and effects just in one click.


Users having any gadget can use it on Android devices,

It is not compatible with MAC or IOS. Emulators are used to download on computers and laptops. It’s compatible with computers having Windows 7 to 11.

Without a watermark and premium unlocked

The mod version’s best aspect is having no watermark on the photo or video during editing. Some users want videos without an app’s watermark. 

Unlocked all premium features

Features that existed previously locked are unlocked now and free of cost. All the users of CapCut premium APK can enjoy unlimited editing qualities and attributes offered by the app.

Free all-in-one video editing

This app is free to cut, reverse, erase, and change speed to make incredible videos. High-quality filters, an immense music library, and copy-right songs are free.

Main features of Capcut mod APK

Doodling Collage

The major update that is highlighted on the app today is about doodling collage. Converting your photos and videos to street-style runway shows by adding colorful backgrounds, captions, and background laptop texts.

photo editor

This feature works as choosing a photo from a photo gallery then it could be resized, added text, or restructured into round, square, or triangle shapes. Using stickers, adjusting and cropping, applying filters, and changing the background. Then, the photograph is exported and saved to the photo gallery.

Adding texts

This allows the app to upload user texts and prompts to their server. the content is automatically suggested based on the content given and the user is solely responsible for content made by the app. The inappropriateness of content has no legalities promised by Capcut.


With the help of autocat, content is processed to suggest the template. The video after applying the template is not saved by the app.

product photos

This feature allows to application of special effects to enhance the color and structure of the product. The photo is not held after applying this feature.

AI poster

This feature helps to describe the information on a poster in the form of text.  For example” black dress with price 57$is now at a sale price of 45$” This feature is available with a smart script to advance script, title, subtitle, photo of a poster, size of poster category, and marketing are separately categorized.

AI Models

This is a very attractive feature newly added. This is to choose an AI model for your product
male/female .first choose the model then apply your product. For example, if you are selling jeans pants, choose a female model, set the size of pants then apply the model will be wearing and choose a shirt with it identical can be done with the male model This feature is beneficial for entrepreneurs in trade of products and can apply price tags in the form of texts. I am totally surprised.

CapCut camera

This app has having extremely smart high HD camera with a timer of 1.5 seconds,60 seconds, and 3 minutes flip option , speed of 0.3x.0.5x,1.0x,2.0x.3.0x.

The best feature of the camera is the teleprompter, the user will give prompts to the camera about speed, timer, effects, and texts, and this feature will follow and take the best photo. There are 7 filters in the camera, life, food, movies, scenery, retro mono, and style. The time of the video can also be designated to 0.5 seconds to max 3 format is 578P,720P TO 1080P.


Another option is retouching photos or videos. By choosing, a video, photo, or live photo user can change facial structure, thinning or broadening of face nose, shoulders, and eyes, and also set face wrinkles, and fine lines, adding makeup base blush, eyeshadow, contouring, etc. The user can permanently set specifications for the face which will be applied while taking photos from the camera.


This feature can be added to photographs and videos as texts, captions, auto lyrics, stickers, and templates.


This feature helps to edit images and videos by getting prompts from users and adding font size, text coloring, and speed of lines. with the help of this text can move anywhere on pic or video.

Remove background & image enhancement

This feature of Capcut is useful by adding a background to selected photographs and adding effects
Lastly, image enhancement is also done with the help of special effects and structuring.

Explore unique features of CapCut mod APK:

Some unique features are elaborated below.

Caption sets

Captions could be set in any language, any size, font, and color of text, for best voiceovers and auto-captions this is best.

Halloween time

Stickers of Halloween could be added on video or photo.

AI characters

From the product demos to explainer videos AI AI-generated characters are best to use. Users can use any character according to the theme.

dynamic velocity

To make video or pic more vibrant and with trending effects this feature is used.

AI enhance

Easily convert low-resolution photos to high-resolution.

Upload media

You can upload your media to space, which u shot Media could be uploaded to the web, desktop, or phone.

AI movement

An amazing feature is to change your movement in the video by changing the rhythm, sound, and speed of the music.

kid face

With one click you can restructure your face into innocent like kids. Isn’t it amazing?

Hilarious face

Enjoy life by converting your photos to funny angles.

Sound fun

You can make your video interesting by adding your voice to the video.

Time travel

You can convert your pic from the present time to many years later. like traveling in time with changing facial features pictures can be converted to many years older. this could be reversed as well. this could be the best gift to a mother on Mother, ‘s Day.

Hair dyeing

If you want to dye your hair purple and have no option to dye it in real. you can change to any hair color you want.

Cartoon me

The photo could be changed into a cartoon face. Any animated photo could be made.

Keyframe on effects

Effects can be added to the video. adding shadows, thunder effects, lightning, or fireworks. This is fantastic.

Happy new templates

Stunning videos could be created like food videos, trending videos, and daily routine templates

Glow up your text

Glowing texts with new colors and sizes could be added.

Smart sharpen

Look sharp, act sharp, and sharpen yourself.

Vibing your vlog

Make vlogs with new versatile and beautiful texts Use different sizes and styles with colors of text by applying them to every video.

Auto caption

Auto cations are a prominent aspect of this app. very commonly & frequently used.

Lock on

If you touch your hands movement can be changed, if u walk your walking foot speed can be increased or decreased. The same in dance video dance moves can be changed.

Back to 90s

90th-decade fashions and effects could be added with the help of stickers, and font style.

New fonts new life

Spice up your life with the new fonts and styles.

Makeup kits

The perfect makeup kit is given in this app. Contour to broaden or shorten the face, blush, eye shadow, lashes, and lip colors are added.

Video collage

Video collages are made, collecting two to three videos in one reel.

let ‘s draw

Come doodle on your video, select texts, structure, and styles of your own, and draw your video.

Slow motion effect

Slow-motion effects are added to the video. , movements in the video seem to slow down.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

A picture could be inserted into a picture. At any corner of the first picture smaller pic could be adjusted.


This quality stabilizes the video to get eye catchy results

Merging & splitting videos

Videos could be merged and segregated in this app. 1 or more videos could be converted into one. One could be split into many.

Adding music

Applying sound effects and music to video is another effective editing quality.

Amazing templates of the latest version

Cap cut mod APK has having thousand plus templates. Which is surprising. Given below are some famous templates.

  • Terbaru
  • Barish k anay se.
  • Dil tanu dy det
  • Sound india
  • Tera mera jahan
  • Trending slow motion
  • Slow motion estetik
  • Bollywood song
  • Sound viral
  • Tera hi sath manga
  • Template
  • Tum hamsafer tu
  • Color dj funky c
  • Bismillah fyp
  • Salamat malam 2.8
  • Age of origins.
  • 95:45 oye hoye
  • Wow trend template
  • Sound viral
  • Efek film
  • Muhanbat
  • Smoke effect
  • #321
  • Khushi khushi pehna
  • Remember
  • Beautiful women
  • Couples
  • Hem pakai yuk
  • Star
  • New template
  • Tera mera pyar amar
  • Draw photo by hand
  • Bhigi bhigi pakon ma
  • Happy birthday song
  • Filter sunset
  • Filter estetik
  • Transisi estetik
  • Tum sa koi.
  • Dead to me/MA
  • Aur kuch afifa g
  • Dekha ne walo ne
  • Sound karen terviral
  • Trend
  • Tera mera pyar hai.
  • Hamara andaaz hi.
  • Song bollywood
  • Say MashaAllah
  • Viral trend.
  • 4 photos collage.
  • Love

Many Interesting, top-trending, and unique templates are added in the new version of the app. In premium APK every template is free of cost for everyone. Templates are applied to videos with unique effects, music, and backgrounds. The template is a complete package that allows users to make videos that they dreamt of.

Sometimes two to three short videos are made that could be added to the collage template and effects and sounds could be applied. A vlogger can make daily routines into reels and videos with the help of special templates for vlogging.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • straight forward interface
  • Work with panels easily.
  • Free features.
  • social media sharing easy
  • no watermark
  • More than 21 languages are available.
  • trendy templates, transitions.
  • prompt accepting features.
  • copyrighted songs, latest music
  • Easy to use.
  • Free access to the whole content.
  • smooth & fast results.


  • Frame rate less than 60 FPS.
  • Landscape mode does not handle smartphones and IPADS.
  • Removing background and body effects glitches are observed.
  • Lack of advanced colour grading.
  • The tracks added are limited.
  • Small videos converted to single-long videos have limited length.
  • videos connected are automatically adjuted lengthwise.
  • autocaption may not written according to wish of users.

All versions history

CapCut – Video Editor 10.5.0 (10500100)


Bytedance Pte.Ltd


photo & video editor


370.4 MB




December 23, 2023

CapCut – Video Editor 10.4.1 


Bytedance Pte.Ltd


photo & video editor


230.3 MB




December 23, 2023

Frequently asked questions about Capcut mod APK

Yes CapCut mod APK is free for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for editing video or photo. Unlocking all features and removing watermarks is a need for every user to get it without any cost so developers attract millions of users by giving it free.

Yes, CapCut is a safe app and is also compatible with all devices. It’s modified version is not compatible with the IOS operating system.

Editing could be done so easily by uploading raw video and erasing and shortening of video length by applying effects or template on the video and your video is ready in no time.

Premium/pro or mod version of the CapCut app didn’t cost money. it’s free of cost. The CapCut app is partially paid.

CapCut is available on the app store for IOS users.

For Android, this app is available on the Google Play Store.

Modified CapCut is available only for Android, and computers(with the help of emulators)

CapCut mod APK is banned in a few countries due to violating the privacy policy of the developer company about CapCut. Users in banned countries use this app with the help of a VPN.

Yes, it works on the Android operating system. It can work on computers by downloading emulators first.

NO, its modified version can work on any device except the IOS  operating system. The latest updated gadgets are needed. Versions of mobile and computer shouldn’t be too old. The Internet should be working perfectly.

Yes, this app needs fast and working internet which didn’t disconnect easily.

Yes CapCut mod APK is a very good and user-friendly app.

CapCut mod APK means an app with accessibility to all features that had previously paid subscriptions and results were with watermark of the CapCut. Now in CapCut mod APK all subscriptions are free, unlimited access, no water mark and no running adds.

Yes, this app could be used without a VPN. In some countries, it’s banned bc it’s not following privacy policy. Is CapCut available for Windows PC

Yes, this is a Chinese app, previously it was used only in China Jianying in 2019. Bytedance Pte.Ltd introduced it to the whole world.

No, the premium file didn’t work on the IOS operating system.

Yes, in mod APK file music with copyrights song is free.

Yes, you can use it on PCs and laptops with the help of emulators.


After using this app over the years I found this CapCut mod app the most useful editor of all. This is fast and concise. Latest trend music and effects add life to digital raw data. This app adds so accurate and perfect texts, effects, and templates to make it a real captured video learn more about the trending templates on Blog Page.

If you are a professional videographer or a photographer this app will offer you professionally helped data. It will enhance your proficiency and increase the reliability of your video editing app. As a user of this app, I would exhaustively recommend using it for private as well as professional purposes

Editing apps have remarkable advancements in the era of technological breakthroughs. The work previously people were finishing in days, is now finishing in hours and minutes. i remember when we had old cameras and we had to wait for days to watch pics. now all the personal data is getting edited and enhanced in mitutes. Rather videos and pics are made with auto cations and auto enhancements and effects. pics are converted into templates with music and virtual effects.

The main thing in which the capcut is helping is any user can pursue his/her career in video & photography with the help of the capcut app. Professionally it has many helpful features like pasting price tags on selling product pictures. pasting names and sizes as well as measurements of products. one feature which amazed me is choosing an AI model, male or female then you can get it and wear the dress which u want to sell, wow just think if business and everything is in your hands.