Privacy policy:

you are most welcome to Capcut pro APK. We ensure that we are solely responsible to protct the privacy of our users. Your personal date provided will remain secure and private. This privacy policy clerly mentions the ways and procedures to protect your information. The Capcut premium version is make to protect uusers interests.

Collected data:

Collected data from users is the property of capcut, which will get it private and will not share to third party.

How we protect data:

Date shared by users to the Capcut up is fully pretected and secure. Capcut app is solely responsible for taking care of privacy of users and not sharing to any third party.

Data security:

Main objective of this app is give results to useres but protecting their rights to secure data.

Children under 12 year:

Children under 12 years are not officially allowed to use this app due to sharing of some templates. that templates should only be wisely used by adults.

Users right:

Users rights are fully protected and kept information shared private.

Data correction:

This is also responsibily of the Capcut app to edit and enhance correct data shared by users.

Deletion of data:

If requeted by users this app is bound to delete private data.

Data transffer request:

If the users request to transffer data to third party it will be done.

Third party privacy policy:

Third party will be solely responsible for protecting users data. that data is shared by the capcut app with the coscent of users.

Sharing and disclosure of data:

Sharing or disclosure should be done with the conscent of users.

Privacy rights:

Protection of rights of users is main objective of the capcut app.

Log files:

Log files are maintained by this app for future records of specific users.

Privacy policy updates:

Privacy of THhe capcut app is updated time to time.